Step aboard Knoxville's oldest historic tour service  c-1996

Storyteller and historian Donald Ault has been recreating events from East Tennessee's past since 1988. In those early years Donald  was doing Revolutionary War reenactment, portraying Col John Sevier at historic sites thorough out East Tennessee. Sevier was Donald's 4th Great grandfather from Sevier's 10th child Nancy.

During the states Bicentennial (1996)  Governor Sundquist ask Donald to represent Tennessee's first governor at the Bicentennial events that year. 

Hear his stories while you stand on the sacred ground where they actually unfolded.

Stories that Mark Twain, writer, humorist,  and publisher found Intriguing.  Romance between a famous Yankee General and a Southern Belle , Southern Honor,  Dual's, and blood spilled on city  streets...  describe's post Civil War Knoxville

Hear about a young teen-age girl who moved here from Manchester England in early 1910  who began writing stories and novels  that inspired 50 movies  One novel was  "A Little Princess", made into a movie, that was nominated for two Academy Awards in 1996.  "Secret Garden ", c-1910,  another  novel many of you probably read as a child. 

Our motorized tour service is being organized for the 2017 season.

Guided tours of Knoxville,  Tennessee's First Capitol.

Our tours provide a unique, comprehensive picture of the states most extraordinary city.

For over 10 years we operated the carriage tours and rides.  The horse and carriage tour service was a first for Knoxville but it was subject to weather and route changes by the city which made it difficult to do reservations. Those factors led to the carriage service being discontinued.

We have continued tours by reservations in the comfort and convenient of our 15 passenger  tour vehicle.

 If you have done walking tours, you know how hard they can be after blocks walking from one point to another.  Faced with walking,  many senior citizens miss much of the story.  I hope our motorized tours make your adventure, informative,  and pleasant.  We allow you to step off the bus at selected sites. Walk around the historic site, listen to the narration, then board the bus and relax as you motor to the next site.


 Beginning in 2017 we  are reinstating the tours with our 15 passenger  mini Bus.


Don Ault

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